Meet The Team

We are ready to help you with your media and creative needs
Elaine Cochran
Co-Owner | Graphic Designer | Media Tech
Immanuel Sun
Co-Owner | Web Developer
John Cochran
Media Tech
Noah Pinson
Project Manager | Content Manager

What We Do

If you’re like many of us, you may have a ton of family memories stored in a closet on old videotapes or film reels that you simply can’t view anymore. Perhaps you sold your VCR in the last garage sale, or replacement parts for your film projector cost a fortune and are impossible to find. At New Streams Studio, we have the perfect solution. Specializing in the transfer of most major videotapes, we can preserve your memories on high quality, simple to watch DVDs or digital MP4 files that give you the flexibility to send, edit, or upload your precious memories to wherever and whomever you’d like. At New Streams Studio, we can also handle the transfer of all your 35mm slides, or we can create a slideshow keepsake from your old or current photos. If you are in need of quality website development/design or graphic design, we specialize in these areas as well. From the most basic website to a full-blown commercial site, we can help you create a plan and launch a website that meets your personal or business needs.

Why Choose Us

Our team at New Streams Studio has one goal in mind, serving you, our customer, to the very best of our ability. We do not take it likely that you would entrust us with your valuable memories or allow us to help contribute to your business’s success via our digital design skills.

  • We service locally and remotely. Our office is located on the Olympic Peninsula in Sequim, WA, but we also provide dedicated distant services. Geographical distance presents no challenge for us, and contactless service is also available for your safety.
  • We offer personalized service, and we can work with you one-on-one to help develop a plan to achieve your specific goals. At New Streams Studio, we are passionate about providing old-fashion, personal service in this new and ever-evolving digital age.


See what our clients have to say about working with us

THANK YOU! New Streams Studio and Elaine. I just had over 700 slides from the 1970s scanned. I can’t believe the amazing color of my slide photos. WOW! All my photo friends can’t believe the great product I received back. And the best part is New Streams is local here in Sequim, WA! And they are reasonably priced. I will be finding more slides and negatives to having Elaine do for me.

Wendy M.

Thank you for getting this done so quickly! I have already sent our really silly and goofy video to our daughter … Thank you for making this possible! We will see you again with other projects.

Kjersti R.

The work New Streams Studio did for my website was 1st rate and very affordable. The reaction from the members who use it is very positive. The professional look has helped attract new business and I plan to use them in the future.

Scott Ziegler

If you have a story to write, and if you want to use your fifty-year-old slides to illustrate it, don’t hesitate. Call Elaine at New Streams Studio now. She will walk you through alternatives offered by New Streams, prepare sample images for you to inspect, and explain the transfer process. Elaine will then expertly make digital slide transfers at a very reasonable price……

Barbara V.