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Have you ever decided to take a stroll down memory lane only to find that your old videotapes are broken or even jammed in your old VCR? Or you finally find that box full of home movies only to discover that they won’t play in your VCR? We can help!


Here at New Streams Studio, we can repair your old videotapes – even if they happen to be stuck in your VCR. We specialize in repairing all different formats of tape including VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8, BETA, MiniDV, and we can even repair most audio cassettes as well.

After being repaired, if you would like to transfer your cherished tape onto a Platinum Archival DVD, we can do that as well. Just ask about our Repair/Transfer special!


Call us today to discuss your videotape repair issue.

Frequently Asked Tape Repair Questions:

What kinds of tape issues can you fix?

Every now and then, a customer will bring us a tape that is stuck inside their VCR. The customer has usually tried to take the tape out of the machine, but some of the tape stays caught inside the machine. We can fix it. We can also repair or replace impaired video cassette shells or jammed cassette doors. If parts of a tape are damaged beyond repair, we can salvage the remaining tape and create a splice so that the tape will play again. In addition to that, we can also fix videotape that has come off the reels inside the shell.

Someone has erased my tape or recorded over it! Can you help recover the footage?

We are very sorry, but we are unable to recover the footage from a tape that has been erased or recorded over.

I have an 8mm tape that I can see when I fast forward, but it does not play correctly when I press the play button. Can you help?

This problem is a special situation, one that we need to evaluate on our professional equipment. Sometimes we can help with this.

The picture from my videotape has lines on it when I play it on my VCR. Can you help with this?

Yes we can. This may be simply a tracking control issue. Many times your tapes will play better on our professional VCRs. Feel free call us for help.

Can you put my videotape onto a DVD after you are done repairing it?

Yes, and we highly recommend it! Videotapes are deteriorating every day. We’ll transfer your tape to a Platinum Archival DVD, complete with label imprint and scene selection. In fact, you’ll even give you a discount! Ask about our Repair/Transfer special.

Can I ship my broken tape to you for repair?

Yes. We suggest you ship by UPS. Our shipping address is: 250 Marlo Dr. Sequim, WA 98382. Please include your name, address, and telephone number with area code. Also, include a short explanation on what is wrong with your tape.

How do I pay for your service?

If you’re bringing your tape to our location, you may pay at that time. If you are shipping your tape to us, please call us before shipping so we can give you the correct amount to include with your repair order. You may pay by check or major credit/debit card.

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