The ’80s, ’90s and much of the 2000s was the age of the portable videotape camera. If you are like many of our customers, you may have drawers or boxes full of videotapes. Even if you still have the devices to watch them, videotape has a limited lifespan, and steps to preserve the content on these tapes should be taken. What can you do? You can let us transfer them to current, long-lasting formats that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

We can transfer most all major formats of videotape (VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8, DVCAM, Mini DV). If you have any questions about the videotape format(s) that you have, just give us a call. We will encode the content from your videotape onto Gold Archival DVDs with chapter markers. These DVDs are scratch resistant and are built to stand the test of time.

Perhaps you have been thinking about having your tapes transferred for a while but really haven’t found someone you think you can trust with your precious memories. We do understand and here is how we can help:

  • We Are Specialists

    We understand videotape transfer processes and have the technology to do it on a professional level.

  • We Are Committed to You

    New Streams Studio has invested in the cutting-edge technology necessary to provide you with a quality transfer.

  • We Are Wholehearted in What We Do

    It is our delight to preserve your life’s memories.

Professional Encoding
  • An attractive imprint on the outside of the DVD.

  • Smart Chapter Markers are placed throughout your video so you can easily skip through your finished DVD.

  • Thumbnail scene selection. Each chapter will be indicated on an on-screen menu with a thumbnail image of the scene.

  • This DVD is the very best in archival technology – scratch proof, hard-coated and guaranteed to last at least twenty-five years!

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