This is your LifeTime video!

There is an old adage that “Everyone Has a Story to Tell.” We believe that story is best told in video.

A LifeTime Video is a personal “This is Your Life” story told in video that we will professionally create for you.

What are some stories that make a great LifeTime Video?


  • 50-year wedding anniversaries
  • The overcoming of a great disability
  • A single mom who raised children on her own and now wants to appreciate the major contribution of someone else who helped
  • Significant achievements or milestones in your life
  • The story of that special someone whom you want to recognize
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What is the Process for Preparing for a LifeTime Video?


  • We set up an interview with you and others who have considerable contributions to your story. We will record these interviews and may use them in the final video.
  • Start collecting the materials that will be needed, such as videos, photographs, movies on film, awards, diplomas, newspaper stories, etc. In the first interview, we’ll help construct a plan for you to organize these materials.
  • We will then set up a second meeting to bring what you have assembled to the studio so that we can have the opportunity to get familiar with what you have and get additional information we may need about your story.
  • The next step is begin assembling your materials, recording interviews and voice-over narrations and any music you would like to have included.
  • We will then schedule a time for you to come by the studio to “premier” your LifeTime Video. You are welcome to bring other family members to watch as well.
  • After making minor adjustments to the video, we can then discuss how many copies you would like to have created.

We want to make your family member a Star with a FamilyTime Video!

We can compile a video featuring a particular family member whom you want to highlight. Whether it be a child, sibling, father, mother, or whomever you choose, we can craft a professional video using your home videotape or film footage. Perfect for documenting special holidays or events, a special video like this is the ideal gift for a grandparent, or far-away friends or relatives.

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Great moments to record and preserve in a FamilyTime video:

  • First Day at Home
  • Just Beginning to Walk or Talk
  • Vacations
  • Graduations
  • Any special event you want archived and preserved in video

FamilyTime videos are ideal for bringing to life family members of older generations that the younger generation are too young to know and remember. If we can answer some questions about a vide project of this nature, or if you would like for us to estimate the cost of producing such a video for you, please give us a call at 360-565-5669.

How to get started:

  1. Decide who the audience for the video is going to be.
    • friends
    • grandparents
    • siblings
    • other family members
  2. Who is the subject of your video going to be?
  3. Decide how the material we are given to edit is to be organized
    • Chronologically
    • By event
    • Some other timeline
  4. What music track(s)would you like included in the video?
  5. Search through your existing videotape or film footage and decide which clips you want to include
  6. Contact us to schedule an appointment to go over the details.
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FamilyTime Videos FAQs

Is any video useful for this project?

4 minutes is ideal. We will edit the video to match the length of the song you gave us to include.

Prices start at $495 for the project. We can do a simple and entertaining video and add basic effects. The more footage you give us to work with, and the more complex the requested end result, the more expensive the project will be. Please call us to receive a free estimate for your video.

  • We can author a DVD for playback in a standard DVD player
  • We can upload the material to our DVA Cloud service where you can control with whom the video will be shared
  • We can create a video file that can be loaded onto a flash drive or hard drive
  • If you have a specific format for the deliverable, please call us and we can discuss how to do it