Do you have children or grandchildren that participate in a youth sports league? Do you have a collection of videos and photographs of them playing soccer, volleyball, flag football, or baseball? Maybe you have a heap of photos and videos from your glory days, current softball league, or with your golfing buddies.

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Do you remember sinking that birdie? Or how about when your son hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth. Or that one time with your daughter snuck that shot past the goalie? With a Sports Highlights video, we can allow you and your loved ones relive “great sports moments” in an entertaining and interactive way.

In a Sports Highlights video, we can take your photos, film, and/or videotapes and produce a one-of-a-kind video with energy, movement, special effects, and music that will bring those exceptional athletic moments to life again. There are no limits, but in the end you will be left with a very special and unique production, that may even make you think your watching ESPN.

Any sport, event, or hobby, we can highlight them all!

Sport Scholarship

Do you have child who is a gifted athlete? You probably have the pictures and videos to prove it. Maybe you yourself are looking to go far with your athleticism. Sports Scholarship videos are one of our specialties!
In the competitive world of athletics, at times you need an edge. Here is your edge ahead of the competition! We can take your athlete’s highlights and create a Sports Scholarship video that is not only professional, but impactful. With this video, coaches and athletic directors will have no choice but to take notice of your athlete in action.

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We want to help you and your athlete! So bring us all of those videotapes and photographs from the past few years, and we will produce a 5 to 15 minute highlight video. We can even include your athlete’s statistics, and other pertinent information, that will foster coach and athletic director awareness and enthusiasm about your athlete.
Athletics are a huge enterprise, and a full or partial athletic scholarship can really aid in helping to cover academic expenses. A Sports Scholarship video will put your athlete in the spotlight in front of the right people.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Sports Scholarship Videos:

In what format is the finalized video?

We can put your Sports Scholarship video in any format you would prefer. DVDs or digital files are typically the format of choice by coaches and athletic directors.

How long should our Sports Scholarship Video be?

We can make the video as long or short as you’d like, however, 10 minutes is usually sufficient in showcasing your athlete’s talent.

Is it required that I be there to suggest how to edit the video?

No, it is not essential to the process. Many clients give us comprehensive instructions, which allow us to be able to edit the video on our own. This can be a major timesaver for you!

What makes an impressive scholarship video?

One in which the coach can clearly see the skill sets of the athlete.