New Streams Studio - Tape Repair

Video Tape Repair


Have you ever decided to take a stroll down memory lane only to find that your old videotapes are broken or even jammed in your old VCR? Or you finally find that box full of home movies only to discover that they won’t play in your VCR? We can help!



If you have recorded memories that you know others would like to add to their DVD or CD libraries, we proudly offer duplication services so that all of your family and friends can have these cherished memories at their finger tips.

New Streams Studio - DVD Duplication
New Streams Studio - Audio Transfer

Audio Tape Transfer


We can transfer your audio cassettes, homemade vinyl recordings, quarter inch audio tapes, and even wire recordings from the 1930s and 40s to Gold Archival CDs, or even computer files if you would like. Those precious memories will be out of harms way, and you will be free to enjoy them anytime you want for years to come.