Do you have home movie reels in need of being transferred to a more conveniently viewed and long-lasting format? Perhaps you have considered this as a great gift idea! We are at your service! We can transfer silent 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm film formats to DVD or any data storage device of your choice.


Our process incorporates the following for outstanding value:

  • Utilization of state-of-the-art HD digital equipment
  • Frame-by-frame scanning of your film for best quality transfer results
  • Our professional film scanner uses no claws or sprocket feeders for maximum safety of your film and helps to prevent jumps and jerks common to sprocket drives. This also makes it possible to scan sprocket damaged or warped film.
  • Sound from 16mm optical soundtracks can be transferred
  • A background music track can be included as well

Transferring your film to DVD allows you play them easily at any time. No more having to order that replacement projector lamp that costs a fortune and is nearly impossible to find. Each of DVDs includes:

  • DVD face¬†labeling
  • Chapter markers for easy location of a particular scene
  • An onscreen menu that includes thumbnails, with which chapters on the DVD can be easily selected

Film not properly stored can deteriorate quickly! Transfer your precious memories to a hard coated, scratch resistant, archival-grade DVDs.