Kodachrome slide film was introduced by Kodak in 1934. Families were widely using this method of photography by the 1950’s and 60’s to document the specials moments of their lives. New Streams Studio has the knowledge and the equipment to transfer and archive your slides onto an archival grade DVD or to any other data storage device of your choice for easy and secure viewing and sharing.


How about your family? Perhaps your dad or grandfather shot hundreds or even thousands of slides stored in boxes or carousels in a closet or attic. Chances are the screen and slide projector are long gone or inoperable, so you can’t even view them anymore. However, if you still have them, they are absolutely viewable again. Let us transfer them for you!

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New Streams Studio - 35mm Slide Transfer - 1

Professional 35mm Slide Transfer

We can transfer 35mm, 110, 126, 127, and stereographic format slides, or Kodak Disc, APS film, film negatives— any format, we can probably transfer it. Don’t lose the years of treasures stored on these slides. We are able to digitize them and transfer them to a more modern format that is easy to view and share!

Call us today for a hands-on approach to scanning and restoring your slides. You’ll get:

  • Care – We carefully work with every slide for maximum quality control.
  • Beautification – If needed, we will color-correct and edit each slide, without damage to the original, to yield the best image quality.
  • Current Technology – We have the ability and skill to use current applications to that may be able to digitally mend dirty, dusty or scratched slides due to improper storage or handling.
  • High-resolution – We believe in the use of high-resolution digital file formats, such as TIFFs or PNGs. We implement all of our image corrections (re-orienting, cropping, enhancements, etc.) in the TIFF file format to avoid loss of resolution. Creating enlargements from the uncompressed resolution of these file formats are possible as well. We can deliver the final transfer in these higher resolution formats, if you prefer, or in high-resolution JPEGs.
  • Locally Produced – We handle the transfer of your slides in our own studio. We do not ship them away for transfer elsewhere.

Once transferred, your slide images:

  • will be stored, in JPEG or TIFF format, on a scratch-proof Gold Archival DVD or CD rated to last for 25+ years
  • may also be placed on a hard drive or thumb drive for convenience or easy access for further editing or future projects

  • may also be made into a DVD slideshow with background music for you to enjoy on your TV from the comfort of your home

The preservation of your memories requires action. As each day goes by your slides are in danger of being scratched, faded or incurring a permanent shade of pink or purple. Don’t delay. Let us transfer your slides today!

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Common slide formats