Here at New Streams Studio, we try to stay ahead of the game by continually offering innovative digital services, that is why we have recently partnered with Digital Video Archive!

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What is DVA?

Digital Video Archive (DVA) is an exclusive cloud-based video archival technology for your video content. It is a state of the art service that enables you to safely store, view, share, and even edit your videos. You can upload your own videos shot on your smart phone or tablet to your DVA library and share that content as well. This has become a popular option for those who want their old home movies as well as recent videos they have captured with their smart phones and tablets safely stored in the same place. Many customers now prefer transferring their old videotapes such as VHS, Beta, 8mm, MiniDVs, and even their DVDs to the cloud-based Digital Video Archive.

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For the past 20+ years, the DVD has been the primary media of choice. This is because of its convenience. They are space-saving and provide useful features such as menus and scene selections. Although we offer the service of transferring to DVD, DVA offers all of the advantages of DVD plus much more! Here are a few of the features of DVA:

  • Your precious memories will never be susceptible to the elements or the basic wear and tear of time (i.e. fading, scratches, deterioration) because DVA is cloud-based
  • Once the footage from your old tapes has been transferred, you can enjoy them and even edit them with DVA’s easy to use editor
  • With the DVA editor, you can: add, change the location of, and re-title chapter makers online. You can even organize your new DVAs into specific albums
  • You will always have instant access to your videos from your computer, tablet, smartphone or smart TV
  • You can even upload, edit, and archive recent videos that your shot from you phone or tablet
  • You can share your videos with friends and family! You have the option to share publicly or privately by invitation, so you are always in control of who sees what

Come get on our Cloud!

The Process…

It’s actually quite simple. Just bring us the memories you have on old 8mm and 16mm film reels, videotapes, and DVD. We will do the rest!

  • The first thing we will do is transfer your film and videotapes to DVA using our professional encoding equipment.

  • After that, we will transmit your footage to Once that is done, you will receive a private and secure DVA account.*

  • With your DVA account, you will be able to view, edit, organize, and share your memories easily. You will have access your DVAs from your computer, smart phone, tablet, to smart TV.

  • Your DVA account will also enable you to upload, view, and share the videos that you capture with your smartphone or tablet. Soon all of your friends and family will want to have their own DVA accounts, and you will be able to watch their shared footage as well.

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Your new Digital Video Archive account allows you to categorize, modify, and view all of your old home movies and new videos. Invite your friends and family to create their own free “Viewer” accounts. In doing this, they will be able to view and enjoy the DVAs you specify. It probably won’t take too long for your “Viewers” to become “Archivers”, then you can enjoying watching their DVAs as well!

Sharing Privately & More:

  • Digital Video Archive’s sharing capability is completely private. Unlike many other video sharing sites, Digital Video Archive’s main goal is to create a safe and secure, family-friendly viewing environment.
  • Digital Video Archive is an entirely cloud-based system. You will never again have to worry about the vulnerability of your memories, they are stored safely within the cloud.
  • This is the latest, greatest and most beneficial way to store and share your videos.
  • The convenience of viewing your DVAs (especially your old family movies) from your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or computer is truly amazing and unsurpassable!
  • The control that you have with DVA is really something else! Combine various clips, categorize by event, date, person, etc., create your own menus, or insert custom chapter markers and titles.
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Finally innovative Digital Video Archive technology is here!

We at New Streams Studio are proud to be authorized partners of DVA. As leaders in the preservation of memories, our goal is that through this technology, you are able to rekindle the past, make new memories, and are easily able to preserve and share them all. Your special moments have never been more secure and convenient. We genuinely hope that DVA is able to bring your family and friends “around the table again” to share and rediscover cherished memories, as well as new ones. Call us today to get started on building your DVA library!


Check out DVA’s website for more info.


Ready to get started?


*Basic membership account is free – Monthly membership is required for premium service accounts